How Our Professionals Give Back

Mila Radakovic advises Cheerity in the areas of marketing, communications, and fundraising. In this role, Mila helps identify and craft opportunities for Cheerity to partner on social initiatives that impact positive change.

About Cheerity

Cheerity is a one-of-a-kind participation marketing platform that increases the reach, impact, and value of social impact campaigns.
Pictures are powerful. On social media, they receive higher engagement than any other content. Cheerity gives people a way to express their passion and point of view, while moving their friends to action, all through the simple act of posting a photo.

When participants post a photo through Cheerity, they endorse a cause and can even unlock a donation. A friend-to-friend referral engine allows campaigns to grow many levels deep. Ankura partners with Cheerity to spark social movements around important causes, engage followers and grow their community.

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