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How Ankura Gives Back

Ankura has a longstanding partnership with New York Cares, an organization that engages the talent and resources of New York City’s volunteers, bringing together individuals to make a real difference.

Through New York Cares, a number of Ankura’s professionals volunteer at various non-profit organizations including food pantries and groups that empower youth with disabilities. Each year, Ankura joins thousands of participants in the New York Cares Winter Wishes program to grant holiday wishes from Community Partners, including homeless shelters, schools, and nonprofit organizations. Though Winter Wishes, Ankura professionals purchased, wrapped, and sent 30 gifts directly to children at a local elementary school. These random acts of kindness enable thousands of less fortunate New Yorkers to experience the magic of the holiday season in a way that is personal and from the heart.

About New York Cares

New York Cares was founded in 1987 to ensure that volunteers will come together to serve their communities and have a lasting impact. New York Cares has infused volunteerism with business acumen to enable anyone who volunteers through their programs to have a disproportionate impact on New York City. One thing that hasn’t changed since New York Cares was founded is the need for and willingness of New Yorkers to lend a helping hand to their neighbors. As the challenges for many in the city have grown, so too has the impact of New York Cares and its army of volunteers. In 1987, New York Cares was ten people strong. Today they are tens of thousands strong. For the last 30 years, New York Cares has been mobilizing volunteers to help the homeless, feed the hungry, clean parks, and tutor the city’s most underserved students.

In just the last year alone, New York Cares volunteers brought more than 750,000 meals to those in need, engaged more than 20,000 seniors in activity and conversation, revitalized 94 parks and gardens, helped more than 18,000 adults prepare to enter the workforce, and provided academic and enrichment programs in more than 150 public schools. New York Cares volunteers are active in the community 365 days a year—proving that a simple act of kindness can have a life-changing effect on an individual.

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