Antitrust & Competition

Achieve the Best Possible Outcome

Ankura’s economists have extensive experience in antitrust matters including claims associated with anticompetitive horizontal agreements (price fixing, bid rigging, and potential anticompetitive effects of joint ventures), unilateral conduct (predatory pricing, refusals to deal, and monopolization via patent fraud), and vertical restraints (exclusive dealing, requirements contracting, price squeezing, tying, loyalty rebates, anti-steering provisions, and bundling). They have presented their analyses in regulatory and court settings in the US and many other jurisdictions around the world.

We also assist companies across a wide range of industries in analyzing the anticipated effects on competition of proposed mergers and acquisitions and supporting our conclusions before relevant agencies and courts. The methodologies we apply include detailed economic and econometric analyses, diversion analysis, pricing pressure measures, merger simulation, event studies, and others that are useful for determining the likely effects of a merger and as a framework for evaluating risk mitigation strategies.