Bankruptcy Services

High-touch expert services for complex situations.

Ankura’s bankruptcy services assist companies and their creditors facing Chapter 11. We help navigate and determine the best route for our clients, either via an out-of-court or in-court filing. Our team is well-versed throughout the entire Chapter 11 process, including but not limited to preparing the debtor for filing Chapter 11; developing internal and external communication plans; assisting with the development of first-day (and subsequent) pleadings; preparing or assisting in the development of short-term and long-term cash flow forecasts, including reporting requirements; assisting in the negotiation of cash collateral and/or DIP credit agreements; preparing statements of financial affairs and schedules of assets and liabilities; preparing monthly operating reports; advising on the contract assessment process; leading the claims reconciliation process; assisting the debtors in interfacing with various creditor constituents; assisting in the development of emergent business plans and negotiating the plan of reorganization with stakeholders; and assisting the various case-specific analyses and presenting and/or reporting on such analyses.

We assist our clients with:

  • Contingency planning
  • First-day motions
  • Schedules and statements (Statement of Financial Affairs/Schedule of Assets and Liabilities)
  • Preference analyses
  • Claims resolution
  • Disclosure statement and plan of reorganization preparation
  • Damage calculation of lease and executory contract rejection analyses

Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of:

Advanced Human Capital™

During a distressed event, human capital and labor stabilization is critical. Ankura’s approach addresses change as both an organizational and an individual/personal process. It addresses the proven factors of successful change efforts, including targeted cost savings, spans and layers restructuring, key leader retention strategies, human capital outsourcing considerations, and change messaging as a part of change execution throughout the process.

Chief Restructuring Officer

Ankura brings executive-level, seasoned consultants to existing management teams when a company is struggling with the additional demands of a restructuring, including bringing experienced and additional resources to an otherwise frenetic and difficult reorganization process.

Company Advisory

With a consistent process-driven approach aimed to stabilize, rehabilitate, and restructure the situation, our experts bring a level of stability to unstable situations, allowing for successful resolutions focused on creating value and maximizing recoveries among stakeholders.


During bankruptcy proceedings and work-outs, the impact of a cybersecurity incident can have a significant impact on the value of business units or other sellable assets. Ankura maintains equity value by rapidly mitigating critical risks both pre- and post-breach for dissolving businesses. We also provide cybersecurity leadership that positively impacts business value.


We provide the technology and workflow solutions to assist our bankruptcy services experts identify fact patterns within email, chat, and business documents and produce large document populations to opposing parties to support multi-party litigation.

Foreign Investments Advisory

Bankruptcy matters often cross borders and implicate sensitive public issues. Our team provides deep insight and hands-on experience helping our clients succeed with their most complex international risks and opportunities.

Forensic Accounting & Financial Investigations

Our team assists bankruptcy trustees, forensic investigation and record reconstruction, and providing litigation support for clawback and asset recovery undertakings.


We offer a wealth of experience assisting bankruptcy trustees, providing forensic investigation and record reconstruction, and providing litigation support for clawback and asset recovery undertakings.

Litigation, Arbitration, & Disputes

Impartial oversight and administration of a bankruptcy case by an appointed trustee involves the examination of events and transactions that transpired prior to the filing of a petition. We offer significant experience providing solvency evaluations and examining specific transactions that might give rise to fraudulent conveyance or preference actions.

Mass Torts & Class Actions

It is often the case that companies facing overwhelming mass tort or class action litigation seek relief through bankruptcy. Our team has significant experience providing all parties in bankruptcy with comprehensive liability assessments and forecasts associated with a variety of matters.

Monitoring & Independent Oversight

Our professionals have been engaged as trustees in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases, including administering the liquidating trust for the benefit of creditors, and providing administrative services relating to the implementation of the plan of reorganization or liquidation.

Regulatory & Technical Accounting Advisory

We have a wealth of experience assisting bankruptcy trustees, can assist in providing forensic investigation and record reconstruction, and providing litigation support for clawback and asset recovery undertakings.

Bankruptcy Services

Our professionals use the CPO Framework to bridge the gap between financial metrics and the people, operating, and investment decisions that drive them, enabling owners and managers to align resources to strategy, calculate project paybacks, and drive long-term ROI.

Visual Communications

At Ankura, we understand how critical communication is to our clients in resolving significant business issues, especially during bankruptcy proceedings and workouts. We develop solutions for all presentation challenges and make complicated information easy to understand. We work with our team of professionals to develop the most effective presentations that best communicate and clarify all complex issues.