Crisis Preparedness & Operational Resilience

Readiness, compliance and resilience in a disruptive business climate.

Recovery from operational downtime – from cybersecurity events, pandemics, natural disasters, or supply chain disruptions – requires effective preparation, planning, and rehearsal to be credible. As natural and man-made incidents are increasing in frequency and magnitude, prudent organizations set strategy and carefully plan and exercise how they will effectively operate in a crisis. Business interruption perennially ranks among the top ten risks named by senior management and board members across many industry sectors. Leaders recognize that their organizations must understand the consequences of prolonged business disruption and the sustained impact it can have to the security and financial, reputational, legal, and regulatory health of the enterprise.

Management teams are expected to be able to run their organizations nearly as effectively during critical incidents as they do under normal operating circumstances – by setting the tone at the top, funding planning efforts, supporting regular exercises, and creating a risk-aware culture that absorbs “lessons learned” and feeds them back into organizations’ preparedness efforts through a continuous improvement process. Absent that level of attention, stakeholders and consequential observers – markets, regulators, suppliers and customers, shareholders, and the media – are unforgiving. Stakeholders assign blame quickly to top management when the market performance is affected beyond a short “acceptable” response window, because such an impact is often negatively reflected as loss of market value.

Ankura works with clients around their:

  • Enterprise risk management program
  • Defense security compliance and risk management posture – DFARS and CMMC
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Crisis management governance framework

Our Solutions

Business Continuity Planning and Continuity of Operations Planning

Ankura helps clients develop BCP frameworks and build ground-up business continuity and COOPs that establish the rationalized demand for recovery resources.

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Emergency and Crisis Planning, Preparedness, and Management Systems

Crisis management frameworks and governance models that establish the capacity to proportionately respond and build incident management on a secure mobile platform.

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IT Disaster Recovery

To meet organizations’ demands for technical resources to support operational recovery, Ankura helps companies develop and stress test detailed IT disaster recovery plans.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Ankura helps senior management and the board evaluate the range of risks that can threaten successful implementation of strategy, based on risk tolerance, culture, and business objectives.

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Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cybersecurity remains among the most ubiquitous and pervasive enterprise risks for chief compliance, legal, risk, and internal audit officers and board committees.

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Cybersecurity and Privacy Compliance

Ankura helps organizations become compliant with the complex patchwork of global security and privacy regulations.

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Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy, and Maturity

Ankura helps organizations develop an approach and roadmap to a sound information security program, an appropriate maturity posture, and the supporting organizational capability.

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Network, Web, and Mobile Application Security

Ankura assists organizations in better securing vulnerable systems and applications, as well as improving security in the product development and procurement processes.

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Cybersecurity Assessments and Audits

Ankura helps organizations independently evaluate their current security posture against standards, frameworks, regulations, and best practices.

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Threat and Vulnerability Evaluation and Remediation

Ankura offers technical services that help clients identify key threats and vulnerabilities within their information systems, data assets, and industrial operations.

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Third-Party Cyber Due Diligence

Ankura helps clients gain visibility into the cyber risk posed by their vendors and business associates to help them mitigate risks and meet rigorous third-party compliance requirements.

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CISO and Cybersecurity Leadership Services

Seasoned cybersecurity leaders and former security officers at Ankura provide a full range of interim CISO services to new, distressed, and transitional organizations that lack appropriate cyber programs and leadership.

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Interim Management

Our interim management services provide seasoned consultants who have the hands-on experience and skillset to assume executive roles for distressed companies and companies in transition, including roles such as CEO, COO, CFO, Controller and Treasury functions.

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Chief Restructuring Officer

Ankura brings executive-level, seasoned consultants to existing management teams when a company is struggling with the additional demands of a restructuring.

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Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of: