Prevent, detect, pursue, and mitigate.

The complexity of and reliance on enterprise information systems and digital assets continue to evolve alongside the increasingly sophisticated tradecraft of threat actors. Likewise, so must prevention, discovery, response, and resilience strategies for cybersecurity and data-breach incidents. Cybersecurity risk continues to be one of the greatest challenges and is one of the most ubiquitous and comprehensive risks facing organizations. Ankura’s highly experienced and diverse team consists of experts with backgrounds in information technology and data security, law enforcement, counterintelligence, privacy, and crisis management. We work with clients across all industries to develop a tailored cybersecurity approach that understands both the risk and threat landscape while also encompassing the people, processes, and technologies within the organization that are critical to providing a comprehensive approach to data security.

Our Solutions

Incident Response

Ankura professionals have the in-depth experience to remediate the issue and inform critical decision-making for stakeholders.

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Cyber Investigations

We draw on our collective private sector and law enforcement expertise and conduct cyber investigations in a professional and legally defensible manner.

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Compromise Detection

Ankura provides the client with an advantage in cyber threat pursuit and defense by providing an evaluation of the ecosystem to identify security issues through the utilization of experienced, highly-skilled incident responders and analysts leveraging advanced threat detection techniques.

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Response Preparedness

Ankura’s cyber experts have deep experience in leading cyber incident response teams, plan development, forensic investigations, and assessing information security policies.

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Data Governance

Ankura has developed a unique and consolidated approach that empowers entities of all maturity levels and sizes to maintain a healthy data ecosystem and ensure appropriate data oversight, compliance, utilization, and protection are maintained effectively.

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Compliance Advisory and Assurance

We provide expert independent assessments of clients’ compliance with, and audit readiness for, many of the most pervasive standards and regulations in key industries, as well as practical, no-nonsense roadmaps toward compliance validation and certification.

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Vulnerability Testing and Remediation

We help our clients come to appreciate the risks to their information systems and the vulnerabilities resident in their information security environments by running comprehensive technical tests that demonstrate the security “cracks in the armor.”

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Operational Risk and Crisis Management

Ankura helps our clients get an independent perspective of their operational risk, their capacity to be genuinely prepared on an all-hazards basis, and the effectiveness and sufficiency of their crisis planning efforts.

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Cybersecurity and Privacy Compliance

Ankura helps organizations become compliant with the complex patchwork of global security and privacy regulations.

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Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy, and Maturity

Ankura helps organizations develop an approach and roadmap to a sound information security program, an appropriate maturity posture, and the supporting organizational capability.

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Network, Web, and Mobile Application Security

Ankura assists organizations in better securing vulnerable systems and applications as well as improving security in the product development and procurement processes.

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Cybersecurity Assessments and Audits

Ankura helps organizations independently evaluate their current security posture against standards, frameworks, regulations, and best practices.

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Threat and Vulnerability Evaluation and Remediation

Ankura offers technical services that help clients identify key threats and vulnerabilities within their information systems, data assets, and industrial operations.

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Third-Party Cyber Due Diligence

Ankura helps clients gain visibility into the cyber risk posed by their vendors and business associates to help them mitigate risks and meet rigorous third-party compliance requirements.

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CISO and Cybersecurity Leadership Services

Seasoned cybersecurity leaders and former security officers at Ankura provide a full range of interim CISO services to new, distressed, and transitional organizations that lack appropriate cyber programs and leadership.

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Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of:

Advanced Human Capital™

Cybersecurity is an infrastructure issue, but it is a behavioral issue as well. Cybersecurity is about behavioral standards and norms; thus, it is fundamentally about organizational culture. Culture signals to employees, through a myriad of policies, processes, protocols, and management, “What behaviors are required to remain part of and thrive in this organization?” No cybersecurity agenda can be sustained until it is rooted in culture. Ankura’s Diialog™ organizational culture system makes it easier than ever before to measure and monitor your culture.

Analytics & Data Optimization

Analytics provide an additional level of insight into a cyber-related event by focusing on the relevance and use of compromised data.

Compliance & Ethics

Inadequate cybersecurity is one of the biggest risks to organizations and their operations and enterprises must ensure that their personnel are adequately trained on cybersecurity matters. Our team of compliance and ethics professionals helps clients incorporate training, policies, and processes into their compliance and ethics programs to prevent and detect cybersecurity incidents.


We provide the technology and workflow solutions to assist our cybersecurity experts identify fact patterns within email, chat, and business documents to support cyber incident response investigations and cybersecurity compliance initiatives.

Geopolitical Intelligence

Malign actors are increasingly using cyber warfare as a tool to achieve political and economic objectives in both the private and public spheres. Ankura’s geopolitical team dissects the drivers motivating adversaries and identifies steps organizations could take to protect their interests.


We perform forensic and financial investigative procedures surrounding the impacts of a cybersecurity breach on financial reporting and accounting systems.

Technology Optimization

Technology and software are fundamental tools in building and protecting enterprise value. Our team of professionals helps bridge the gap between technical and business requirements to develop or enhance an organization’s technology strategy.

White Collar & Securities

We assist in performing forensic and financial investigative procedures surrounding the impacts of a cybersecurity breach on financial reporting and accounting systems.