Foreign Investments Advisory

Insider insights for sensitive deal intricacies.

Foreign investments and cross-border transactions are intrinsic to business, and the associated political, legal, and regulatory issues have never been more complex. Our foreign investments advisory team has a proven track record helping global clients achieve success with financial and business opportunities involving policy and national security concerns, regulatory risks, and international transaction intricacies. Our team integrates former executive leaders of global defense, telecommunications, and financial services companies; former senior members of the US armed forces, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies (including personnel with active US government clearances); and industry-leading experts, strategists, and analysts. We see problems from our clients’ perspective and leverage our practical experience helping companies achieve operational results to deliver complete, executable solutions to organizations grappling with transactions and matters that cross borders and problem sets. Your highest value opportunities and most challenging problems do not stop at the border. Our foreign investments advisory team collaborates with our clients to deliver solutions tailored to this reality.

Our Solutions

Transaction Analysis, Planning, and Design

Our interdisciplinary team provides analysis, planning, and design of complex cross-border transactions and delivers unique insights into the political, policy, and regulatory risks that enable international clients to better assess the merits and risks of a proposed deal.

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Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)

Our team integrates former government and enterprise leaders with experience successfully negotiating and overseeing regulated transactions involving foreign investment in a variety of industries.

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Critical Infrastructure

Our team integrates former government and regulatory agency leaders, enterprise executives, and industry and technical experts with experience successfully negotiating, overseeing, and executing transactions involving foreign investment in US critical infrastructure.

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International Joint Venture and Supply Chain Counseling

Our team has extensive experience in designing and assuring the success of joint ventures, supply chain, technology development, manufacturing, and other relationships between U.S. and international partners, and assists its international clients with implementing export, technology, and other controls required by US law in the performance of such agreements.

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Foreign Military Sales

Our team helps clients win FMS opportunities and navigate the associated financial, policy, regulatory, and government procurement considerations.

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Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of:

Analytics & Data Strategy

With any large investment or transaction, the ability to understand and analyze large amounts of data is essential. Our team works with our experts to drive valuable insights through data-driven analytics.


Our anti-corruption team conducts pre-acquisition due diligence to identify corruption risk factors such as location of operations, customer base, or reliance on third parties, to assess the target's potential noncompliance with applicable anti-bribery laws.

Anti-Money Laundering

Our team assists clients in understanding how transactions with foreign entities are subject to sanctions compliance.

Bankruptcy Services

Our team of experienced bankruptcy professionals can assist in the full life cycle of the Chapter 11 process, starting from preparing a company for a potential filing to a successful exit.

Chief Restructuring Officer

Ankura brings executive-level, seasoned consultants to existing management teams when a company is struggling with the additional demands of a restructuring, including bringing experienced and additional resources to an otherwise frenetic and difficult reorganization process.

Company Advisory

With a consistent process-driven approach aimed to stabilize, rehabilitate, and restructure the situation, our experts bring a level of stability to unstable situations, allowing for successful resolutions focused on creating value and maximizing recoveries among stakeholders.

Crisis Preparedness & Operational Resilience

The potential crisis scenarios presented to organizations that operate and invest globally can differ from those facing domestic operations. We can provide companies insights for considering crisis response and recovery models in foreign markets.


Cyber breaches and data leaks are among the most salient and recurrent global issues. Complexity and risk increases markedly in the context of international transactions. Our team integrates industry leading technical and policy experts to help our clients appropriately secure information and systems.

Data Governance and Compliance

Our team of experts has developed a unique, simplified, and consolidated approach that empowers entities of all shapes and sizes to maintain a healthy data ecosystem and enables better data oversight, compliance, utilization, and protection simultaneously.

Geopolitical Intelligence

Today more than ever, geopolitical drivers and domestic politics influence economic outcomes around the globe. Our team holistically analyzes the political, economic, social, technological, regulatory, and environmental factors companies and investors need to understand to identify and make sound foreign investments.

Government Contracts & Grants

Our team helps international clients win and successfully execute contracts and financing arrangements with the US government through deep understanding of the many associated contractual and regulatory requirements.

Interim Management

Our interim management services provide seasoned consultants who have the hands-on experience and skillset to assume executive roles for distressed companies and companies in transition, including roles such as CEO, COO, CFO, controller, and treasury functions.

International Trade Controls

US and international technology export controls and denied party sanctions present complex, shifting, and potentially problematic terrain for international organizations. Our team helps clients navigate these issues with practical, effective solutions.


Ankura can provide a full range of investigative, financial analysis, and due diligence procedures in a range of jurisdictions for entities considering transactions or investment opportunities.

Monitoring & Independent Oversight

Foreign investment and acquisitions can sometimes result in the host government imposing certain governance and security conditions on such transactions in order to mitigate any potentially adverse effect on national security. Our team can serve as an independent third-party monitor of a company’s compliance with such conditions, providing regulators with confidence in a company’s mitigation measures.

Foreign Investments Advisory

Our professionals use the CPO Framework to bridge the gap between financial metrics and the people, operating, and investment decisions that drive them, enabling owners and managers to align resources to strategy, calculate project paybacks, and drive long-term ROI.

White Collar & Securities

Our team provides forensic investigation and accounting advisory services in a variety of global locations for multinational or foreign issuer clients.