Growth Advisory

Bridging the gap to achieve sustainable growth.

Executives and private-equity general partners must look beyond cost-cutting to achieve the returns expected by shareholders and limited partners. Sustainable growth demands bridging the gap between traditional financial and operating metrics and the strategies, people, and investment decisions that drive them.

Ankura’s CPO framework (customers, product/service, operations) enables our experts to close that gap when evaluating underperforming businesses, “sleepy” revenue, sales engines, and new investments. We collaborate with management teams and owners to devise and implement top-line growth strategies, market and product expansion and diversification, follow-on acquisitions, new partnerships, and other major opportunities.

Our expertise offers a number of growth advisory-support solutions:

  • Go-to-market strategy (customer segmentation, sales channels, and product positioning)
  • Sales force productivity (organization, technology, compensation, and process)
  • Marketing effectiveness (channels, lead generation, and resource allocation)
  • Customer retention and churn
  • New or adjacent markets
  • New or adjacent product/service lines
  • Major investment in research and development
  • Follow-on mergers, acquisitions, and integrations
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Strategic planning