International Trade Controls

Exporting global insight on compliance.

Ankura’s trade control professionals understand the issues from our clients’ perspectives. Our team has years of experience working in and with organizations to apply practical tools to solve trade control problems and create opportunity. We have a proven track record of helping our clients succeed in complex regulatory and risk environments involving the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the Export Administration Regulations, sanctions, and non-US trade controls.

Our team members have deep experience in compliance program assessment, building, and sustainment; embedding regulatory requirements in business systems and processes; data-driven risk identification and mitigation; jurisdiction and classification; regulatory investigations; compliance reviews and audits; and foreign military sales. We have particular expertise helping clients navigate interactions with regulators, investigators, and consent agreements. Our solutions have been recognized by clients and regulators as best-of-class.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of:

Analytics & Data Strategy

A data-driven and analytics approach can drive valuable insight through efficient identification and use of relevant data.

Compliance & Ethics

Export and trade control violations can have serious consequences, including criminal sanctions, fines, and loss of export and trade licenses. Ankura's team of experts help clients design rigorous trade control compliance programs that detect and ultimately prevent trade control violations.


A foundational element of international trade operations and practices should be insight into the information systems and data flows supporting that activity. Ankura experts can help independently assure the security, integrity and availability of the data that drives international trade systems and reporting.

Data Governance and Compliance

An entity’s data is one of its most critical assets. Data also can be an organization’s Achilles’ heel if it is mismanaged, outdated, lost, or stolen. Ankura has developed a unique, simplified, and consolidated approach that empowers entities of all shapes and sizes to maintain a healthy data ecosystem and enables better data oversight, compliance, utilization, and protection simultaneously.


Our eDiscovery experts provide the technology, workflow solutions and expert testimony capabilities to assist our international trade controls experts identify fact patterns within email, chat and business documents to address broad global issues and adhere to regional regulatory and data privacy requirements.

Foreign Investments Advisory

International trade controls implicate sensitive fiscal and public issues. Our international investments and transactions advisory team provides deep insight and hands-on experience helping our clients succeed with their most complex international risks and opportunities.

Geopolitical Intelligence

In an increasing unstable world, greater scrutiny is being applied to ensure US companies engaged in global trade are fully complying with all trade controls. Ankura’s geopolitical team accesses unique information sources to analyze the political, technological, and regulatory factors companies and investors need to understand to navigate this often-complex environment

Government Contracts & Grants

Many trade control issues arise in the context of defense procurement and other government contracts and grant programs. Ankura's professionals help clients to understand the requirements of their government contracts and grants to best structure effective trade control practices in the performance of those contracts and grants.


Tough international trade control problems require capable, impactful solutions. Our investigations team integrates real world perspective, cutting edge tools, and deep international trade control expertise to achieve clarity and results.

Monitoring & Independent Oversight

Significant and/or repeated violations of international trade controls can sometimes result in the imposition of consent agreements and other oversight measures by regulators. Ankura’s monitoring & independent oversight team works with regulators and companies under such scrutiny to oversee implementation of a robust compliance program and monitoring of trade activities in order to restore regulator trust in a company’s compliance program.