Labor Strategy

Best practices for your most valuable resource.

Labor is the number one controllable cost in almost every organization. Employees are also the most valuable resource. By understanding the right labor strategies, including how to engage employees in a real and meaningful way, our clients capture impactful cost savings while driving increased engagement.

Ankura’s labor strategy professionals provide a suite of industry-specific services to companies requiring rapid and sustainable improvements. The team recognizes the inherent sensitivities associated with labor and therefore offers a wide range of solutions based on client-specific needs. Many of our clients require projects that design and implement operations and labor strategies, including shift schedules. However, more specific projects may focus on topics that include employee engagement, overtime reduction, contract negotiations, absenteeism, and turnover as examples.

Our Solutions

Labor Strategy Workshop

This is a half-day crash course on labor strategy.

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Operations and Labor Strategy Review

Understand where hidden labor costs are destroying margin.

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Employee Engagement Through Labor Analytics

Engage the workforce with an anonymous, third-party survey to understand employee engagement realities.

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Labor Union Negotiation and Advisory Services

Attach dollars to contract language to understand the financial and operational impact of negotiations.

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Labor Stabilization Advisory Services

Reduce absenteeism, FMLA abuse, and turnover in a distressed environment.

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Change Management/Labor Strategy Implementation

This hands-on approach at the employee level allows Ankura to achieve significant additional operational savings that most firms miss.

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Payroll Audit for Compliance with Federal, State, Local, Company, and Union Rules

Whether you are overpaying employees (most likely) or underpaying, find out where the problems exist as soon as possible.

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Staffing Strategies for High Season and/or Variable Work Environments

With the world becoming more “on demand,” management teams are forced to hold little to no inventory while customers expect immediate service.

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Due Diligence: Labor Risk and Opportunity Assessment

When investing in labor-centric businesses, it is critical to understand where both opportunity and risk exist in an organization.

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Labor Forecasting and Profitability Monitoring

Advanced labor forecasting allows management teams to make better decisions faster.

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Labor Governance Across the Enterprise

Management teams across an enterprise typically do not follow the same rules and practices, which kills margins.

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Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of:

Analytics & Data Optimization

A data-driven and analytics-based approach that aggregates sensitive data across systems and sources such as payroll, requisitions, and management structure is fundamental to a labor review and can drive valuable insights.

Bankruptcy Services

Our team of experienced bankruptcy professionals can assist in the full life cycle of the Chapter 11 process, starting from preparing a company for a potential filing to a successful exit.

Chief Restructuring Officer

Ankura brings executive-level, seasoned consultants to existing management teams when a company is struggling with the additional demands of a restructuring, including bringing experienced and additional resources to an otherwise frenetic and difficult reorganization process.

Company Restructuring Advisory

With a consistent process-driven approach aimed to stabilize, rehabilitate, and restructure the situation, our experts bring a level of stability to unstable situations, allowing for successful resolutions focused on creating value and maximizing recoveries among stakeholders.

Crisis Preparedness & Operational Resilience

Credible crisis preparedness and operational resilience depends on how organizations prepare their workforce and effectively communicate roles, responsibilities, and expectations for operating under emergency situations. Our crisis management governance model and mobile management platform provides a framework and operating system to effect staff preparation.

Interim Management

Our interim management services provide seasoned consultants who have the hands-on experience and skillset to assume executive roles for distressed companies and companies in transition, including roles such as CEO, COO, CFO, controller, and treasury functions.

Lender Restructuring Advisory

With a consistent process-driven approach aimed to assess, monitor, and restructure the situation, Ankura experts provide the independent and objective advice creditor constituencies seek in protecting and maximizing their recovery.

Strategy & Operations

Through interim management or hands-on advisory roles, our team acts like owners for companies or private equity investors seeking growth, performance improvement, and pre and post-transaction success.

Visual Communications

Our team understands how critical communication is to our clients’ in resolving significant business issues. We develop solutions for all presentation challenges and make complicated information easy to understand. We work with our team of professionals to develop the most effective presentations that best communicate and clarify all complex issues.

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