Litigation, Arbitration, & Disputes

High quality for high stakes.

As the volume and complexity of disputes, business risks, and regulatory challenges continues to grow, leading companies and their counsel know that the right expert services team can make or break a case. Ankura brings the functional expertise, industry depth, specialization, and global experience to support companies and counsel throughout all phases of litigation, arbitration, or regulatory proceedings.

Ankura has one of the largest teams of professionals focused on assisting clients and counsel with complex dispute resolution and financial investigations. Our professionals include Ph.D. economists, certified public accountants, chartered financial analysts, certified fraud examiners, forensic investigators, certified valuation professionals, statisticians, bankruptcy/restructuring advisors, engineers, and specialists in computer forensics and complex data retrieval, management and analysis, among others. Our teams are fully devoted to providing counsel and their clients with independent, objective analysis of, and advice on, the quantum aspects of complex litigation, arbitration, and investigations.

Our services include early case assessment, discovery assistance, financial records analysis, damages assessment, critique of opposing expert analyses, witness preparation, and expert witness testimony. Our professionals in this practice are qualified experts and collaborate across the entire firm to bring the functional and industry expertise of all Ankura professionals to bear on matters.

Our experts are highly experienced in damages theory and its application and are relied upon by our clients to conduct sophisticated analysis, and deliver and defend sound, credible and compelling testimony. Our experts have testified in a wide range of forums, including Federal and State courts across the US in trials, arbitration, and mediation proceedings around the globe, and before numerous regulatory and administrative bodies.

Our Solutions

Expert Services

Our expert opinions are borne from deep subject matter experience and knowledge of the rules and nuances that shape effective expert testimony.

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Damages Analysis

Our experts have extensive experience developing and applying financial and economic models to analyze and quantify complex damages claims.

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Commercial Litigation

Our expert and advisory teams develop sound and compelling analysis, opinions, and solutions — enhanced by leading technology tools and delivered by credible and credentialed experts.

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International Arbitration

Ankura’s experts speak over 44 languages and provide their findings and opinions in dispute resolution forums and regulatory proceedings around the world.

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Mass Torts & Class Actions

Our team provides economic, financial, statistical, business analytics, and operational expertise to law firms and corporations.

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Economics & Statistics

Our economists employ economic theory and quantitative methods to provide advice and expert testimony regarding issues that arise in litigation, arbitration, and regulatory disputes.

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Tax Controversy

Ankura works with you to provide the most accurate and reliable depiction of historical facts and supporting financial analyses during the audit, appeals, and trial stages of tax controversy.

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Bankruptcy Litigation

Ankura experts work side-by-side with clients and their counsel to establish sound strategies for resolving complex legal and business risks in matters concerning bankruptcy and solvency.

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Intellectual Property

We rely on our extensive quantitative expertise and our industry experience to provide clear, concise, and defensible analysis across all stages of engagement.

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Finance and Securities Litigation

When the stakes are at their highest, you need finance and securities experts on your side with proven success and deep experience.

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Purchase Price Disputes

Our highly-qualified professionals serve as neutral accountants, arbitrators, expert witnesses, and consultants throughout the deal lifecycle.

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Visual Communications

Ankura’s visual communications consulting group knows the power of visual persuasion. We understand how critical communication is to our clients’ reputations and in resolving significant business issues.

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Our Solutions Leverage the Expertise of:

Analytics & Data Optimization

In any legal situation, the ability to efficiently gain access to relevant data and information is essential. Our team applies industry-leading tools and a thoughtful approach to utilizing data to support the facts and calculate damages in any dispute.


Our eDiscovery experts provide the technology, workflow solutions, and expert testimony capabilities to assist litigation and disputes experts identify fact patterns within email, chat, and business documents and produce large document populations to opposing parties.

Forensic Accounting & Financial Investigations

For litigation matters, we offer a full range of forensic investigation, technical accounting assessment, record reconstruction, and expert witness services.

Government Contracts & Grants

Government contractors and grantees face litigation and dispute requirements when dealing with sovereign entities that are different from commercial litigants. Ankura's team of professionals advise clients on all aspects of these unique requirements to prepare and successfully pursue claims and disputes against government entities.

Intellectual Property

Ankura's experienced and credentialed professionals have decades of experience helping counsel and their clients navigate the expensive and ever-changing world of IP litigation.

Mass Torts & Class Actions

Providing expert and litigation consulting services to parties involved in mass tort and class action litigation requires unique expertise. Our team has significant experience with and focuses on the specific challenges that arise from aggregate proceedings such as product liability, securities fraud, or mass disaster.


In mass tort and class action litigation, it is essential to implement systems and processes which facilitate collaboration, planning, negotiation, and resolution. Our team ensures that as a case moves through its lifecycle, information is consistent, double-entry is eliminated, and negotiations are completed faster.

Royalty Analysis and Disputes

Questions related to the calculation and payment of royalties are common among intellectual property owners. We help determine if royalties have been paid properly and can provide expert assistance when the calculation of royalties can hinge on the interpretation of a discreet clause.

White Collar & Securities

For matters involving financial disputes or recoveries, we provide a full range of forensic investigation, record reconstruction and technical accounting analysis, and litigation support for asset recovery claims.