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Private advice on public controls.

Government sector leaders and clients face unique challenges in trying to effect change, manage a crisis, drive implementation, or transform relevant public services and functions. Roadblocks and challenges come in many forms, including geopolitical factors, fiscal and economic conditions, transparency and community/public awareness and pressure. The realities of budget constraints and essential constituent needs also come to bear.

Ankura has a diverse and experienced team of professionals with the skillset necessary to advise public sector clients in matters that range from proactive initiatives to reactive scenarios involving critical support in the areas of solutions, crisis management, investigations, transparency and implementation, among others. Our team’s experience includes public service and public policy advice that are important in understanding and supporting government sector clientele.

Ankura has recruited a range of talented professionals with public service and public policy experience that have: (i) worked at the White House, (ii) served in key federal government agencies like the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Department of Defense, among others, (iii) led critical state and local government initiatives relating to crisis management, economic revitalization, criminal justice programs, and crisis preparedness and response, (iv) directed public infrastructure authorities and financial institutions; (v) developed state public policy platforms and implementation work plans, legislation and regulatory reforms, and (vi) collaborated with US Congressional committees and provided testimony before the US Congress, and state and municipal assemblies, in shaping legislation, issue analysis and related policy initiatives.

Coupling these professional resources and experiences with our technical capabilities and seasoned subject-matter expertise enables Ankura’s professionals to effectively assist public sector clients and yield optimal outcomes in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Financial and economic modeling tied to policy reforms and critical initiatives
  • Compliance and ethics program assessments and recommendations
  • Data governance policies and protocols
  • Training
  • Project management & implementation support
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Procurement guidance
  • Investigatory, auditing services
  • Data analytics to evaluate a broad range of factors – from demographics to program funding scenarios
  • Expert and litigation support services in administrative, civil and/or criminal proceedings
  • Emergency preparedness and response assessments and enhancements
  • Technology and cybersecurity-related services
  • Community outreach and strategic communications
  • Liquidity and cash flow analysis, management and advice
  • Financial restructuring
  • Operational restructuring
  • Privatization transaction support
  • Proactive environmental advisory services, including regulatory compliance, permitting, public comment and administrative hearings
  • Reactive environmental advisory services, including enforcement, remedial/removal, judicial proceedings and litigation
  • Infrastructure project support and public-private-partnership transactions
  • Energy infrastructure and utility support
  • Fiscal planning and transformation support (right-sizing, additional revenues)
  • Advanced Human Capital™, including, Human Equity Valuation™, organizational culture change, labor strategy formulation, change execution, talent assessment, leader selection and succession, executive leadership coaching, and senior team alignment
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