Strategy & Operations

Accelerating change and value creation

Ankura’s strategy and operations team partners with the leaders of Fortune 500 and private equity firms across industries to deliver transformational change. With deep expertise leading strategy through execution, Ankura serves as a catalyst to jumpstart momentum, build capacity, and accelerate value creation. We work with clients to address their most critical challenges across a broad spectrum of organizational inflection points utilizing a unique blend of business, financial, and technical skills; cross-functional experience; and subject-matter expertise. Our bias toward action, data-driven recommendations, and our unique people-centric approach builds alignment and commitment, drives momentum, and ensures sustained results.

Our Solutions

Strategic Planning

Competitive advantage is fleeting, and the tried-and-true methods of developing strategic plans can no longer be counted on to deliver the needed results. A revised cadence and a new playbook are required.

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Growth Advisory

Growth is the mandate. Answer the call by acting upon the best options for accelerating change, creating value, and delivering results. To be successful in this, companies must find the sweet spot between growth drivers and organizational capabilities.

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Merger & Acquisition Performance

Mergers and acquisitions continue to be an important driver of value creation, but far too many fall short of delivering the promised returns. Identifying the right target, conducting thorough due diligence, and striking the right deal are only the first step.

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Financial Planning, Reporting, & Analysis

A strong financial foundation is critical to an organization’s success and should be a competitive advantage. Speed, accuracy, and flexibility, along with the ability to provide insights and decision support that drive better results, are paramount to long-term growth.

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Performance Optimization

A holistic understanding of an organization’s value chain enables leaders to establish a prioritized focus on the key drivers necessary for scale and incremental value gain.

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Advanced Human Capital™

People are among an organization’s most important and expensive assets. Companies need to maximize their return on this investment by establishing integrated talent strategies that drive their transformation agenda.

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Program & Change Leadership

While the complexity may vary, the demand for accelerated results does not. Understanding the why, having a vision, establishing a comprehensive plan, and engaging teams in the execution is essential for establishing and sustaining momentum.

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