Strategic Planning

Considered strategies that deliver results.

Senior management of any company, whether publicly traded or backed by private equity, is responsible for choosing the right strategies to successfully navigate each critical inflection point. The sale of the business or a strategic business unit requires detailed planning before, during, and after the transaction. Underperformance may require retrenchment or a complete turnaround. Growth may call for new product development, market expansion, diversification, or acquisitions. In all types of scenarios, our clients need a clear path to value creation and an executable plan designed to realize that value quickly.

Ankura’s experts use our proprietary CPO framework (customers, product/service, operations) to evaluate a business and identify the best opportunities at a given juncture. We review financial statements, operating metrics, and core competencies. We conduct industry and market research. We collaborate with owners and management to develop the strategies, business models, roadmaps, cross functional plans, and playbooks that will lead to accelerated growth and value creation. We also help establish strategic governance and facilitate team alignment to gain the commitment necessary to deliver results.

Our comprehensive strategy and planning services are tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, culture, and lifecycle:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business model development
  • Industry, market, competitor, and customer research
  • Product development plans
  • Strategic governance
  • Strategic execution
  • Facilitation and acceleration