Visual Communications

Simplifying the complex.

Ankura’s visual communications consulting group knows the power of visual persuasion. We understand how critical communication is to our clients’ reputations and in resolving significant business issues.

Our visual communications consultants are skilled in the techniques that prove effective in courtrooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms. We develop solutions for all presentation challenges and make complicated information easy to understand. We deliver strategic presentations designed to clarify and emphasize key themes and issues affecting our clients’ business. We work closely with clients to understand their communication challenges and develop strategies to successfully present them. We collaborate to identify and select the most persuasive data and formulate themes that aid in educating and persuading. We stand out from the others. Persuasive. Creative. Innovative.

While Ankura works on cases of all sizes, our expertise with large, complicated matters on behalf of global corporations facing crises with high-exposure litigation sets us apart. Our experience in managing multidistrict litigation and associated costs is one of our strengths. Our team is accustomed to developing and producing large volumes of visuals in high-pressure environments.

  • Strategic Visual Consulting

    We work closely with clients to understand their communication challenges and develop strategies to successfully present them. We collaborate to identify and select the most persuasive data and formulate themes that aid in educating the trier of fact. Our designers and animators bring data to life with demonstratives, including interactive and animated timelines and tutorials. Exhibits and documents can be creatively woven into a visual presentation so that all underlying information can be displayed at the touch of a button. Our trial graphics are always designed to send a message and support the case themes and strategies.

  • Mock Trials

    Our mock trial services include the testing of complex demonstratives and thematic visuals specifically designed to maximize the insight gained from research exercises. Our trial technologists streamline the daunting task of creating video testimony clips, managing designation run times on a tight schedule, creating document databases, and the seamless presentation of graphics, documents, video, and animation during the exercise. The proprietary tools we use, including InterConnect, maximize the insights gained from mock trial exercises through unique visualization.

  • Trial Preparation

    Through our years of experience, we have found that early visual communication development aids expert testimony preparation and improves overall message development, while simultaneously serving as an internal teaching tool for the entire team. Utilizing the latest technology, we can quickly build video and document databases. We also assist clients with streamlining procedures to improve accuracy and turnaround of video designations, reporting, document stamping, and document production.

  • Trial Technology Consulting

    We bring years of experience and institutional knowledge to every engagement. Our team has developed the expertise to perform under the most demanding circumstances and bring efficiencies and best practices developed over hundreds of mock trials, arbitrations, depositions, hearings, and trials. Our team seamlessly coordinates with courtroom staff for the setup and testing of presentation technology, the generation of courtroom diagrams to assist the trial team, and the presentation of graphics, video testimony, animations, and documents during all phases of the trial, hearing, or arbitration. Outside of the courtroom, our consultants handle all aspects of technology in the war room through the setup of networking, internet connectivity, printing, general remote office setup, and witness preparation room setup.

  • Trial Support

    When it matters the most, our expert team of technology consultants, graphic designers, animators, and legal consultants bring the expertise needed to create winning outcomes. Our dedicated visual teams create presentations that communicate and persuade the trier of fact on the most complex and challenging issues that arise during the matter. Our technology consultants become part of the trial team and provide war room support that guarantees the trial team’s outlines, documents, video designations, video edits, and presentation databases are ready when they are needed at the most critical times.

  • Innovative Technology

    We think differently. Our proprietary, industry-changing tools result in cost savings to our clients. Based upon our years of experience, we have developed tools to increase efficiencies in a variety of ways.

    • Ankura’s Stamping Tool – We have reduced the hours necessary to generate stamps and footers on documents in litigation into seconds. By example, a project that originally took fifteen hours done manually now only takes less than one minute to generate stamps and footers on over 1000 documents. This tool allows the user to customize the stamp by color, font, size, location, etc. It is industry-changing.
    • Ankura’s Transcribe – We have eliminated the “all-nighter” before closing argument. With reliance upon the transcript being so important in forming closing argument, traditionally a trial team can create tens of dozens of transcript call-outs for potential use in closing. Each transcript call-out could take upwards of thirty minutes to create and then proof for consistency. Ankura’s Transcribe has changed this process forever. For example, a trial team may create fifty call-outs for potential use in closing, which would take up to twenty-five hours to create, spread out over five graphic designers and proofers, which always resulted in a late night for the trial team, including the presenter. Now, Ankura’s Transcribe can produce those effectively designed and consistent transcript call-outs in less than fifteen minutes.
    • Ankura’s PowerTools – We have extended the capabilities of traditional software beyond the bounds of out-of-the-box solutions so that they are tailored for the needs of our clients. Our PowerTools include proprietary OCR tools, automated call-out tools, database creation tools, design consistency tools, direct connect to PDF tools, etc. Our PowerTools take PowerPoint to the next level and beyond – all resulting in greater efficiencies and cost savings to our clients.
    • Ankura’s InterConnect – InterConnect is a unique way to visualize mock jury data in the moment. During the course of an exercise, Ankura collects the data points from the mock juror questionnaires, which allows the trial team to closely monitor overall how the jury is trending. Using InterConnect, we isolate commonalities that may be driving a plaintiff or defense juror’s decision-making in real time. During deliberations, InterConnect allows the trial team to review a juror’s profile and questionnaire data as they participate in deliberations. We can instantly see what is affecting the outcome in a deliberation room and use that insight to help assign the appropriate weight to the results during critical decision-making. InterConnect has changed the way we view data and dramatically increases the value gained from Mock Trial exercises.