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Choosing the Right Presentation Consultant for High Risk Litigation

By Roger Holtzen

July 24, 2018

When defendants become involved in high risk litigation they look for the law firm that will best guide and protect them. In turn, the law firms who represent those defendants understand the risk their clients face, and they rely upon their trusted presentation consultant to provide them with more than just requested graphics and an in-court hot-seat operator. Smart litigators rely upon presentation consultants who have decades of experience, hundreds of trials under their belt, and possess the breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to consult at the highest strategic level.

9 Questions to ask your visual graphics strategist:

  1. Can your consultant provide thematic and specific solutions to visually and impactfully convince the jury of the merits of your client’s position?
  2. Hire a consultant that can provide the team with thematic slides and concepts early in the case. This allows the collection of evidence and testimony to be more directed and on point as the case proceeds.

  3. Can your consultant provide insightful visuals to assist the team with Markman hearings, Frye, and/or Daubert hearings and summary judgement hearings?
  4. Hire a consultant that has the depth and breadth of experience to be able provide valuable consultative services for complex and high-stakes arguments.

  5. Can your consultant assist in editing and/or writing a mock plaintiff’s opening statement along with accompanying slides?
  6. Hire a consultant that you feel comfortable working closely with and trust in their ability to offer pointed critique and insight into a fair and balanced mock exercise.

  7. Has your consultant developed a tool that quickly applies an electronic exhibit stamp and footer data for prompt production of trial exhibits?
  8. Hire a consultant who has developed tools to reduce costs to your client.

  9. Has your consultant developed tools to become dramatically more efficient in creating standard PowerPoint slides to free up time to spend on high-level thematic slides or timelines?
  10. Hire a consultant who wants to spend time developing the critical slides needed to augment your argument and spends less time on redundant tasks that get done more efficiently.

  11. Can your consultant work with your expert to provide visual elements to enhance their expert report?
  12. Hire a consultant who has countless hours of experience working closely with world renowned experts assisting them in how best to communicate their opinions visually.

  13. Has your consultant spent countless hours advising and prepping expert witnesses for trial and hearings all the while refining the presentation materials that will augment their testimony?
  14. Hire a consultant who can work with the trial team and assist in getting the testifying expert to handle direct and cross effectively and impactfully.

  15. Can your consultant, utilizing the experience of hundreds of trials across all types of litigation, provide unbiased and insightful feedback and presentation strategies during trial?
  16. Hire a consultant who can act as the 13th juror and provide valuable feedback to keep the jury stimulated and attentive to your presentation.

  17. For closing arguments, has your consultant developed a tool that will allow the creation of 100+ slides from the trial transcript by just importing page/line designations?
  18. Hire a consultant who can quickly power through production of trial testimony slides. This frees them up to commit the time needed to perfect your thematic closing slides.

Not all presentation consultants are created equal. When the risks are extreme, search out and hire the professionals who bring all these skills to the table. Your client will thank you.