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Forensic Examination of Electronic Devices: Part 1

Contact: Antonio Rega

March 24, 2021

This Practice Point was originally published by the American Bar Association Section of Litigation Business Torts & Unfair Competition journal.

Forensic analysis of electronic devices has become increasingly important in both pre-litigation and litigation. This Practice Point will cover the basics of forensic examinations, including the types of devices and accounts that can be analyzed and data that can be uncovered; and strategies to best position your client proactively before the need for forensic examination arises.

A subsequent Practice Point will address key considerations in carrying out the forensic examination, including the scope of the examination, options for who will conduct the investigation, and tips on drafting protocols and analyzing results.

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“Forensic Examination of Electronic Devices: Part 1;” Horstmann, Sarah; Mertineit, Dawn;  Rega, Antonio.

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