Chérie Schaible
General Counsel

Corporate Leadership; Turnaround & Restructuring Expertise

Chérie Schaible is the General Counsel at Ankura where she is responsible for all legal, compliance, corporate governance, and regulatory affairs. Chérie has more than 15 years of experience advising and representing clients on corporate governance, complex corporate transactions, restructurings, financings, regulatory, and compliance matters. Her wide range of clients has included corporations, financial institutions, institutional investors, insurance companies, and private equity and hedge funds. She is based in New York.

  • Experience

    Chérie was previously associate general counsel and managing director at AIG Investments where she managed a team of attorneys responsible for supporting a full range of investment transactions, including fixed income securities, loans, equity investments, and life settlements.

    Chérie was directly responsible for advising clients that managed more than $5 billion on restructurings, high-yield transactions, and residential mortgage lending.

    She supported the compliance department on various matters and worked with the regulatory team on processes to facilitate Federal Reserve regulations, including corporate governance, policies, procedures, and legal entity reporting. She advised on the impact and implementation of processes and procedures to comply with the Volcker Rule of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

  • News & events
    • Chapman’s 5th Annual New York Women in Finance, 6/6/2018, Panel: “How to Build, Motivate and Manage your Team for Success,” New York, NY
    • Association of Corporate Counsel, 6/15/17, Ethical Considerations in Business Transactions, New York, NY
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    • American College of Investment Counsel, 2014, “Restructuring and Workout Negotiations,” Chicago, IL
  • In the community

    • Partner at WIN (Women in Need)
    • Active on A House on Beekman and Long Beach Island Film Festival