William Downs

William Downs
Managing Director

Insurance Disputes; Mass Tort Data Analysis; Insurance Allocation

William Downs is a Managing Director at Ankura, based in Washington, DC. He has more than 14 years of experience providing expert and consulting support to policyholders, insurers, corporations, and their legal counsel on a variety of complex litigation matters and settlement negotiations. His work includes mass tort claims analysis, complex insurance allocation, estimation of mass tort product liabilities, insurance coverage and recovery analysis, retrospective premium calculations, claim cost allocation, and insurer billing. William has worked on engagements related to liability from asbestos, medical devices, environmental pollution, chemical exposure, welding rods, construction defects, and other long tail bodily injury and property damage claims.

  • Experience

    William has extensive experience working on engagements involving the analysis and organization of large datasets and relational databases. He has conducted claim file reviews to build new databases and test existing data sets. He has conducted reviews of full data populations, or of random samples for data integrity analysis, data extraction, and claim classification.

    Wiliam’s professional experience includes:

    • Supported policyholders, insurers, and outside counsel in various coverage litigation matters involving asbestos, construction defects, medical devices, chemical exposure, and welding rod claims. Work on these projects has included preparing damage calculations, allocations, and expert reports. William has also assisted these clients evaluate analysis prepared by opposing experts for purposes of preparing rebuttal reports and taking the opposing expert’s deposition.
    • Assisted policyholders and insurers with the review, valuation, and allocation of their asbestos and environmental liability to various entities and insurers. This work has included reviewing claim files and insurance policies, creating and evaluating databases of defense cost invoice and claimant information, implementing settlement and CIP agreements, calculating retro premiums, and allocating historical and estimated future liability. The models and analysis created have been used by the companies to set reserves, evaluate potential insurance recovery, and facilitate settlement discussions.
    • Assisted a data analytics marketing company in a dispute with a direct mail order company over the implementation of customer selection logic for monthly catalog mailings. Work on this project included valuing the costs associated with potentially incorrect mailings, analyzing customer data, and evaluating computer code used to select customers for mailings.
    • Assisted clients with the estimation of future asbestos-related liabilities for purposes of reserving, settlement negotiations between policyholder and insurers, and acquisition evaluations.
    • Assisted a medical device manufacturer with the review and valuation of pending trans-vaginal mesh claims. This work included statistical sampling of claimants and identifying and estimating the frequency of key characteristics in claimant medical records that could potentially impact settlement values.
    • Assisted a medical device manufacturer with estimating the volume and liability associated with pending and future artificial hip claims. This work also included providing allocation modeling and analysis to the policyholder in an insurance dispute over the claims.
    • Assisted a policyholder with the review of retrospective premium calculations. This work included uncovering calculation issues in an insurer’s annual retrospective premium calculation and raising and correcting those issues with the insurer, saving the policyholder millions of dollars in incorrectly charged premiums.
    • Assisted a policyholder in a coverage litigation matter involving long tail construction defect claims. Work included validating the client’s claimant and defense cost data through statistical sampling and creating numerous allocation models under separate legal theories that were used in mediating the insurance claim.

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    • ABA Environmental, Mass Torts & Products Liability Litigation Committees’ Joint CLE Seminar, 01/2017, Managing Insurance Coverage Issues in the Defense and Resolution of New and Emerging Large-Scale Environmental, Mass Torts and Products Liability Cases, Squaw Valley, CA
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  • Insights & innovation
    • “Liability Estimation for Pharma and Medical Device Products Liability,” AmericanBar.org, with Patrick J. McGrath, 08/10/2015