Analytics & Data Optimization

Companies are often required to navigate through a convoluted and disparate system infrastructure when trying to meet the regulatory demands of today’s more stringent anti-corruption regulations and laws. Our team has deep system and technical expertise to identify, extract, and transform critical data needed during transaction testing or internal control assessment. We develop risk-based analytics approaches that drive efficient identification of anomalous data. In regulatory-driven matters, our analytics and data optimization team utilizes a vast library of tools and techniques to build reporting and monitoring solutions and to assess damages in a systematic or automated approach. The application of our technical know-how ultimately helps drive an efficient solution to anti-corruption issues and reduces the constraints on internal resources.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Interview information technology, production support, accounting, and other critical business stakeholders
  • Identification, extraction, and transformation of key data
  • Risk-based analytics development for transaction testing and review
  • Systematic impact/damages calculations
  • Deployment of visual and interactive dashboards
  • Automated reporting and monitoring solutions