Crisis Preparedness & Operational Resilience

Business Continuity Planning and Continuity of Operations Planning

The inevitability of disruption to operations from natural, man-made, business, and cybersecurity incidents in the current environment elevates operational resilience to a board level issue because of the risk of direct financial, contractual, legal/regulatory, and reputational impact. Developing and documenting a predictable recovery capacity helps organizations meet governance, risk, and compliance goals; address audit comments or respond to losses or insurance claims; align with global standards and meet government directives; meet partner requirements, loan covenants, insurance requirements, and service level agreements; and address supply chain issues – like the overconcentration of physical or intellectual assets in limited locations, sole sourcing, lean manufacturing, just-in-time inventorying, and consolidation – that can create single points of failure.

Business continuity planning – within government agencies, enterprises, or throughout their supply chains – should play a major role in the overall risk management strategy of risk-aware organizations and help them meet commercial, federal, and state mandates, advisories, and directives for operational recovery. Ankura’s independence and objectivity enables us to recommend the optimal business continuity plan (BCP) tool or platform that best matches the client’s culture, budget, and technical tolerance. We provide the entire process around tool procurement and set-up, data migration, process management, and plan development through a time-tested advisory methodology that establishes a continuity organization and develops process, plans, documentation, testing, exercises, and maintenance programs.

Ankura provides practical, best-in-class business continuity planning solutions to government and private sector clients in virtually every industry sector – domestically and globally:

  • Strategic business continuity management governance model
  • Current state assessments:
    • Business continuity management (BCM) program
    • BCP
    • Continuity of operations plan (COOP)
  • Aligning with business interruption/contingent business interruption insurance policies
  • Business impact assessments (BIA)
  • Recovery-adjusted inventory of applications in the IT environment
  • Enterprise impact parameters
  • Plan upgrades and development on cloud-hosted SaaS and mobile platforms:
    • BCP
    • COOP
  • Staff training programs
  • Executive strategy briefings
  • Regular plan maintenance programs
  • Facilitated tabletop exercises