Analytics & Data Strategy

Business Intelligence and Automated Reporting

With an opportunity to go beyond the standard static reporting refreshed monthly or quarterly, new technology known generally as business intelligence has changed the way organizations can interact with digital information, and obtain insights that are closer to real time. Ankura consultants leverage our deep technical knowledge of many BI software products, including Tableau, Spotfire, and QlikView, to enhance value for our clients by transforming raw data into powerful information. Our team also develops automated reporting, scorecard, and dashboard solutions with built-in algorithms, repeatable processes, and machine learning solutions to optimize personnel time and improve operational efficiency. The application of BI ultimately drives ongoing return on investment through content delivery, trends identification, data and outlier exploration, and root cause analyses.

We assist our clients by providing expertise relating to:

  • Systematic consolidation of key performance indicators for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and operations, among others
  • Complex modeling to analyze scenarios in real time or near real time
  • Data visualization and dashboarding with dynamic drill-through capabilities
  • Stakeholder engagement through direct data discovery and feedback loops
  • Scorecard and dashboard development with automated KPIs refresh functionality