Government Contracts & Grants

Claims and Disputes

During the performance of government contracts and grants, it is often the case that the government-end customer desires or orders, among other matters, a change in the scope of work, schedule, product or service capabilities, technology or research under consideration, or method and place of delivery. In some circumstances, contract drawings, estimates, specifications, or site conditions are different from those originally expressed or reviewed as part of the initial agreement. When these circumstances occur and result in the need to pursue a claim or dispute with the customer, government contractors and grantees must be prepared to support the claim or disputed matter with viable proof and supporting analyses, including valuation, cost, and damages assessments.

Ankura’s government contracts and grants experts assist clients in their pursuit of claims and disputes by providing factual and root cause analyses and assisting in claims preparation and valuation. Ankura specifically helps clients with:

  • Termination for convenience settlement proposals and support
  • Root cause analyses and factual discovery underlying changes, claims, and disputes
  • Design, review, implementation, and improvement of change management processes and systems
  • Claim accounting and cost/damages valuation
  • Expert testimony concerning root causes and cost/damages calculations
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Michael Garson
Senior Managing Director