National Security, Trade, & Technology

Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)

CFIUS is a US government interagency process that evaluates the national security impact of foreign investments in US companies and infrastructure. When CFIUS determines that a transaction presents too much risk, it may require mitigating measures intended to insulate the deal from foreign influence (such as adding US persons to the board of the controlling corporate entity), partitioning of information technology systems, or instituting audited monitoring and operational controls. If CFIUS concludes that a transaction’s risks cannot be mitigated, it may block or unwind it. We help clients navigate the CFIUS process with an approach that integrates the perspectives of enterprise, regulatory, and financial leaders.

Our team integrates former government and enterprise leaders with experience successfully negotiating and overseeing regulated transactions involving foreign investment in industries such as financial services, energy, transportation, communications, healthcare, aerospace, and defense. Specific actions include:

  • CFIUS strategy, pre-filing transaction risk, and valuation assessments
  • Development and implementation of CFIUS risk mitigation measures and controls
  • CFIUS trusts and investor solutions
  • CFIUS sensitive personal data de-identification solutions
  • CFIUS Pilot Program solutions
  • US security officer support and compliance program services
  • CFIUS independent third party monitorships
  • CFIUS independent audits and compliance assessments
  • Foreign investment control winddown solutions
  • CFIUS Security Office as a Service
Case Summaries: