Compliance Advisory and Assurance

Key industry sectors continue to raise the cybersecurity bar for their members by developing increasingly demanding standards and operational expectations. As the increasing threat to organizations’ information security and the personal privacy of their customers’ data and information continues to increase, Ankura expects to see compliance regimes become strengthened and penalties rendered more punitive.

Understanding organizational cybersecurity compliance should be the concern of chief compliance officers, chief risk officers, general counsels, internal audit and board audit members, and risk and compliance committees – especially for regulations that require personally signed certifications of compliance and that could trigger cybersecurity directors’ and officers’ liability.

Ankura’s cybersecurity and data governance professionals provide expert independent assessments of clients’ compliance with, and audit readiness for, many of the most pervasive standards and regulations in key industries, as well as practical, no-nonsense roadmaps toward compliance validation and certification:

  • 23 NYCRR Part 500 (New York State Financial Services Regulation)
  • HIPAA security and privacy, and OCR audit readiness
  • PCI-DSS audit readiness
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR and sovereign personal data privacy regulations
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