Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessments

Board members and senior leaders are under great scrutiny to implement measures designed to detect and prevent violations of the law. Law enforcement officials continue to pursue healthcare organizations and their leaders for fraud, waste, and abuse and these officials have an expectation that the compliance programs implemented are in fact, “effective”.

Ankura’s compliance team works with compliance professionals and enforcement agencies on a daily basis. We assist our clients with, among other things:

  • Compliance program assessments to determine whether all of the USSG elements are in place
  • Assessments of the quality of policies, procedures, and standards of conduct
  • Transaction testing (documentation, coding, and billing audits)
  • Stark Law and anti-kickback reviews of physician contracts
  • Evaluations of the content of compliance training
  • Benchmarking of your compliance program with that of peer institutions
  • Enhancements to policies, procedures, standards, training, and reporting mechanisms
  • Assessments of the performance of the compliance hotline
  • Assessments of the quality of sanction screening and background check processes
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Dorothy A DeAngelis
Dorothy DeAngelis
Senior Managing Director