Compromise Detection

The average detection time for an intrusion or a breach is more than 200 days. Cybercriminals know how to stay under the radar by hiding in plain sight because they know how to blend in by exploiting trust relationships. Ankura provides the client with an advantage by evaluating the technology ecosystem to identify security issues through the utilization of experienced, highly skilled incident responders. As a result, Ankura can provide a status of the ecosystem along with customized, specific recommendations to address the highest risk areas that may be targeted by cyberattackers.

Compromise Assessments
If a third party, such an insurance provider or a client, requests a “clean bill of health” relating to your technical infrastructure against a cybersecurity incident, Ankura can analyze your systems for a 30-day period and identify whether there are any indications of current or historic instances of security compromise or data theft.

Threat Management: Defense, Intelligence, and Detection
We collaborate with our geopolitical intelligence experts to jointly identify unique cyber threats that target your company and the personnel within your company, as well as any industry-specific threats. We provide both high-level cyber-threat insights to inform strategic decision-making to appropriately manage risk while also providing tactical guidance to thwart active attacks.

Merger and Acquisition Cyber Due Diligence
Analyzing information security posture is often an afterthought during mergers and acquisitions or when contemplating adding a business to your investment portfolio. Ankura can conduct an assessment of the information security posture of consenting third parties and provide a detailed report noting whether they are following best practices for information security, as well as identifying any indicators of their being compromised prior to your decision to make a business deal with them.