Government Contracts & Grants

Contracts and Agreements Compliance

Businesses and organizations that perform under contracts and grants involving government-end customers or funding must implement unique internal processes, controls, and business systems to manage and ensure compliance with a large variety of statutory, regulatory, and contractual terms and conditions. From the product, services, and research teams fulfilling the work to the indirect enterprise functions supporting the contracts and grants, specialized processes are required in many, if not all, aspects of contractor and grantee operations to ensure compliance and optimal performance.

Ankura’s government contracts and grant professionals have decades of experience building, implementing, and assessing contractor and grantee internal processes, controls, and business systems necessary for the successful performance of all types and forms of government contracts and grants. Ankura’s experts specifically perform:

  • Federal Acquisition Regulation, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement, and other FAR supplement compliance assessments
  • State and local procurement compliance reviews
  • Office of Management and Budget Uniform Grant Guidance (Super Circular) and grants compliance assessments
  • Contract terms and conditions, including General Services Administration schedule, reviews, and compliance assessments
  • Policy, process, and systems reviews and implementations for contract and grant compliance in the following areas and functions, among others:
    • Marketing and business development
    • Human resources and recruiting
    • Finance and accounting (including financial planning and analysis, pricing, invoicing, and cost accounting)
    • IT and cybersecurity
    • Contracts management and administration
    • Purchasing and supply chain management
    • Research and development
    • Product manufacturing and sourcing (including approved or qualified product and service listing requirements, such as Joint Interoperability Test Command/Unified Capabilities Approved Products List)
    • Standards compliance
    • Program management
    • Inspection, testing, and quality controls
    • Technology controls
    • Intellectual property management
    • Government property management
    • Facility security and National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual compliance
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