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Today’s global information environment is oversaturated and constantly being updated. It is difficult for any business consumer to keep up, let alone discern reliable and relevant information from incorrect or only marginally useful information. Furthermore, getting beyond the latest headline or report to better understand the impact of the development requires ready access to a network of real expertise, and the skill to assimilate and assess the information and diverse viewpoints. Ankura professionals track global events that matter to your business, going beyond mainstream news reporting and providing context and insights that help you make better business decisions.

As you monitor current events relevant to your business, Ankura’s geopolitical experts are able to provide precise, timely, and accurate analysis of breaking events. Ankura always analyzes the developments with an eye toward minimizing disruptions and business continuity threats and identifying operational and business risks associated with geopolitical and political uncertainty.

Our solutions include:

Global Intelligence Reports
Ankura consultants offer a breadth of multidisciplinary intelligence experience to research, analyze, and produce precise, accurate analysis of breaking political events in the context of your business. We distill the most important information to deliver timely analysis of unfolding events that helps you minimize disruptions, maximize business continuity, and reduce the number of operational and business risks associated with political and economic volatility. Our team works with you to tailor these updates to your business needs.

Geopolitical Spotlight Reports
When breaking news leaves you wondering how it might affect your business investments or operations, Ankura professionals use data analytics and tools to track global events that matter to your business. Our team of experienced subject-matter experts goes beyond news reporting to provide context and insights that help you make better business decisions. We work at the intersection of people, power, and politics, and our team of geopolitical experts specializes in expeditionary fact-finding to discover, analyze, and put into context the geopolitical information you need in order to understand what is happening in the world, to help you make better business decisions and gain competitive advantage. Our unique blend of subject-matter expertise, analytical experience, and diversity of thought enable us to identify risks and opportunities that matter to you and allow us to deliver tailored analysis and geopolitical advice you can use to your advantage.

Current Event Forecasts
When breaking news events create uncertainty that can manifest in market volatility or disrupt your operations, investments, and/or assets, our seasoned geopolitical team can help you put those events in context and understand how they can impact your business now and well into the future. We reduce uncertainty by identifying and highlighting potential courses of action as we outline the spectrum of potential outcomes of these events to help ease apprehension that often accompanies uncertainty.

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