Cyber Investigations

In addition to the seemingly ubiquitous nature of incident response in data breaches, Ankura investigates several other varieties of cyber issues. We have experience with investigations relating to, among others, intellectual property right violations, threats made through the internet, insider threat and/or escalation of privilege, and corporate cyber espionage, as well as proactively identifying indicators of compromise. The experience that Ankura draws from includes consulting in the private sector as well as working in a law enforcement capacity. Because of this experience, Ankura’s cyber investigations are conducted in a professional and legally defensible manner.

Our solutions include:

Breach Investigations
Ankura consultants have vast experience responding to cyberattacks in both US government service and the private sector. When responding to cyberattacks, Ankura will follow legally defensible best practices to analyze the attack vector, identify exfiltration/impact, contain vulnerable systems, and ultimately eradicate the threat.

Digital Forensics
Leveraging decades of collective expertise in federal law enforcement and consulting services, we have practically implemented and managed cutting-edge forensic environments involving multifaceted and multijurisdictional cyber investigations. Our team brings to bear practical knowledge and experience in complex data acquisition. Ankura has overseen matters ranging in scope from the identification and preservation of big data sets to targeted mobile device extractions. Ankura’s evidence authentication process involves precise, detailed chain-of-custody documentation and strong cryptographic algorithms. Our deep analytical expertise in complex data artifacts and file systems provides unmatched abilities to uncover and discern data points of game-changing proportion. Ankura’s team has a proven work ethic and collaborative culture that interrelates effectively with clients to achieve favorable end-game results.

Expert Witness
Ankura consultants have significant experience testifying regarding the facts and circumstances associated with cyber incidents. Our cyber experts have testified on numerous criminal and civil cyber cases, including hard drive and network forensic examinations.

Insider Threats and Administrator Reviews
When you have had concerns about threats posed from employees and/or third parties with persistent access to your corporate infrastructure – especially when they have administrator rights – Ankura can analyze the user activity of all users on your network. Accountability of user activity can be obtained in a matter of hours after consultation and deployment of sensors across your infrastructure. Through this service, Ankura can verify the integrity that you have established with your users and third parties that have user IDs for your network.

Cyber Due Diligence
Analyzing information security posture is often an afterthought during mergers and acquisitions or when contemplating adding a business to your investment portfolio. Ankura can conduct an assessment of the information security posture of consenting third parties and provide a detailed report noting whether they are following best practices for information security, as well as identify any indicators of their being compromised, prior to your decision of making a business deal with them.

Third-party Review
Ankura can assist you with identifying all third parties that have persistent access to your infrastructure and identifying the activities they are conducting on your network. Our services and technology can provide almost instant visibility into what systems third parties are accessing and what company resources or intellectual property these third parties have access to.