Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy, and Maturity

The foundation of a sound information security program and organizational capability commensurate with the unique risks to the organization’s systems, data assets, and process-control systems is an in-depth understanding of the organization’s cybersecurity posture and level of maturity, its cybersecurity strategy, and the governance, organization, and policies that support that strategy. Whether measured against an accepted cybersecurity framework, a standard or regulation, or an industry benchmark, it is fundamental in today’s cyber-risk climate that executives and board members tasked with information security and oversight responsibilities come to expect a clear level of insight into the level of maturity of their organizations so that adjustments can be made to bring their cybersecurity aspirations in line with the cyber-threat and compliance landscape.

We offer a variety of solutions, including:

  • Current state assessments against key cybersecurity frameworks: ISO, NIST, COBIT, CIS CSC
  • Cybersecurity maturity posture assessments and industry benchmarking
  • Developing and operationalizing adequate cybersecurity policies and procedures
  • Strategy and training around secure software development
  • Security awareness and training programs
  • Information security and chief information security officer staffing