Crisis Preparedness & Operational Resilience

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cybersecurity remains among the most ubiquitous and pervasive enterprise risks for chief compliance, legal, risk, and internal audit officers and board committees. Cyber risk universally affects organizations of all sizes across every industry sector and in every geography. Digital relationships in the information and data supply chain, proliferation of mobile applications across the extended enterprise, and the digitization of industrial processes mean easier points of entry, rendering every organization a potential target.

Nearly all industry sectors and critical infrastructure systems are susceptible to cyber compromise. Not only have information technology and operating environments evolved, but the means, motivations, and skills of threat actors – especially nation-state actors in the current geopolitical environment – also have rapidly matured to a state of tradecraft that is sophisticated, patient, and perversely effective. To be well prepared, organizations should plan and budget based on the value of their assets, the opportunity cost of breach-related operational downtime, their inherent risk appetite, and from the risk-adjusted perspective that compromise is essentially inevitable – prudently establishing “resilience” as their objective.

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