Advanced Human Capital™

Diialog™ Culture Measurement & Management System

Culture provides the framework for the behavioral functioning of an entire workforce. But, for a management team to intentionally shape its corporate culture it must first define it with great precision and be prepared to measure it period-over-period as it does with other valuable corporate assets.

Diialog™ is a web-based assessment and management system that defines an organization’s culture with precision and measures it over time. Diialog™ enables a company’s executive team to define its unique, required (or preferred future) culture, the one it believes it needs to execute the company’s business plan and excel in the marketplace. Diialog™ defines an organization’s culture, as well as its sub- and counter-cultures, on eight characteristics:

  • Internal vs. External
  • Passive vs. Proactive
  • Combative vs. Collaborative
  • Stable vs. Agile

Diialog™ is a valid, reliable, and efficient assessment system for measuring and developing organizational culture. It is unique in several of its features, including:

  • The system reveals the correlation and causal linkages to business performance outcomes.
  • A normative database, Diialog™ assessments facilitate industry comparisons, including a composite of 15 exemplar, high-performing companies.
  • The system moves beyond theory by focusing on employee behaviors.
  • The system provides multiple perspectives on an organization’s culture. Unlimited segmentation analysis, for both demographic and structural segmentation, promotes buy-in and accountability.
  • The system’s Pulse feature promotes a continuous culture Diialog™ assessment, that moves beyond traditional episodic measurement.
  • The system pinpoints the highest-leverage issues that will create the executive team’s preferred future, or required, culture. This focus enables return on investment optimization of culture improvement initiatives.
  • Diialog™ is an efficient means of measuring and monitoring organizational culture. Using ANOVA and factor analysis techniques, Ankura has reduced the number of questions in the assessment while enhancing the insights produced by the overall question set. This means less time away from work for survey respondents, which translates into lower total administration costs.
  • The system provides an enhanced business focus that appeals to the pragmatism of line management.
  • The system promotes client self-sufficiency. Interactive culture dashboards put you in the driver’s seat.