Geopolitical Intelligence

Emerging Market Entry Analysis

The first – and arguably most important step – to successfully penetrating emerging and frontier markets is to conduct solid research. Unfortunately, information about emerging and frontier markets is often difficult to find and frequently difficult to understand. Our team exploits its widespread networks to deliver critical insights about emerging markets where the critical information you need is occluded by foreign language or is complicated by internal politics, religion, and social norms. Additionally, distinguishing what is real from what is not is not always as easy as it should be. You can safely rely on our team of experts to provide cutting-edge analysis of emerging and frontier markets to identify opportunities, mitigate future risks, and solve any issues that crop up when conducting business in (or with) global emerging markets.

Our solutions include:

Market Penetration Strategies
For firms that are exploring risks and opportunities in emerging and frontier markets, our team analyzes the political, economic, social, technology, legal, compliance, and regulatory environments for investing or operating in these challenging markets. We can facilitate strategy development via our on-the-ground networks and broad-based global partnerships.

Political and Economic Volatility Indices
For firms looking to establish or expand operations in emerging or frontier markets, our analysts have the expertise to develop quantitative and qualitative volatility indices to help firms measure and evaluate political and economic risk.

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Michelle DiGruttolo
Michelle DiGruttolo
Senior Managing Director