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Employee Engagement Assessment and Planning

Employee engagement results in greater discretionary effort offered, and is the manifestation of a healthy, high-performing organizational culture. An employee engagement survey can be a useful tool to determine the extent to which employees feel connected to your organization. Engaged employees consider themselves to be an essential part of the company where they experience personal meaning and fulfillment in their work. This connection is reflected in their commitment to, and accountability for, the organization.

Ankura’s employee engagement surveys are customized to address specific topics and issues that are important to your organizational culture. They enable you to discover, measure, and track the extent to which your employees are loyal and inclined to volunteer discretionary effort. They reveal the factors that contribute to employee disengagement, as well as the motivating factors that contribute to employee loyalty and commitment to your organization.

Ankura’s planning process turns employee engagement assessment findings into efficient action to measurably improve engagement, loyalty, commitment, accountability, and retention. The planning process addresses

  • Organizational strengths and developmental opportunities,
  • The impacts of current policies and practices on employee motivation,
  • Strategies to enhance employee productivity and personal fulfillment,
  • Retention strategies and tactics for the most valuable employees, and
  • Employee engagement tracking measures and cadence for effectively monitoring the improvement process.
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