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Our expert services professionals form a diverse team who assists clients facing complex issues within the litigation, mediation, and arbitration environments. Our accountants, economists, finance professionals, mathematicians, software programmers, and technologists provide comprehensive strategies and solutions to the multifaceted challenges facing attorneys and businesses involved in class action, commercial, intellectual property, and mass tort litigation. Our expert opinions are borne from deep subject-matter experience and knowledge of the rules and nuances that shape effective expert testimony. Our clients know the value of our experts and turn to us when the stakes are high.

Our solutions include:

  • Claims processing facilities design, development, and management
  • Complex insurance coverage modeling
  • Contingent liability assessment
  • Debtor and creditor bankruptcy modeling
  • Settlement trust and fund administration
  • Statistical modeling and data analytics
  • Discovery planning and drafting of discovery requests
  • Early case assessment and assistance with settlement/mediation
  • Accounting and financial records analysis
  • Financial and economic modeling and forecasting
  • Damages assessment and estimation
  • Critique of opposing expert analyses
  • Expert witness report preparation and testimony
  • Deposition and trial testimony
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