Intellectual Property

Fair, Reasonable, and Nondiscriminatory (FRAND)

We provide deep industry and economic expertise to clients licensing and/or litigating FRAND-encumbered patents and patent portfolios.

Licensing Standard Essential fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory (FRAND) -encumbered patents can be very complex. Licensors and licensees alike may need to demonstrate their willingness to both give and take a license on FRAND terms. While doing so, the parties generally wish to ensure that they are paying and/or receiving fair value for the licensed assets. We have helped some of the largest companies in the world license out and/or license in FRAND-encumbered patents, determine FRAND royalty rates, and/or demonstrate compliance with FRAND obligations. Our experts have testified in a variety of forums on FRAND-related topics, including in federal court, the International Trade Commission, the United Kingdom, and arbitrations.

Our vast experience in FRAND licensing and litigation support provides the necessary foundation for assisting clients with the challenges associated with licensing new standards (e.g., 5G) or licensing more established standards in new industries. We have helped and are currently helping clients in the following industries and applications:

  • Cellular infrastructure
  • Mobile devices
  • Memory modules and devices
  • Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
  • Automotive tier one suppliers (and their suppliers)
  • Internet of things (IOT) suppliers and OEMS
  • Set-top-box OEMS and suppliers
  • Imaging applications
  • Video/audio applications
  • WIFI/DSL/Broadband devices and applications
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