Audit Advisory

GAAP, PCAOB Standards, and Independence

The proper application and interpretation of accounting, audit, and independence standards each present technical challenges. Ankura professionals can assist by providing independent, objective, and credible insight into these areas based on firsthand rule-making, inspection, and enforcement experience. Because Ankura does not perform attestation services, our technical experts provide a truly independent source in disputed or contentious issues.

Our services include the following:

  • Accounting, audit, and independence analysis and rule interpretation
  • Review assistance or objective assessment of proposed responses to PCAOB inspection comments
  • Preparation assistance or objective assessment of “white papers” or advocacy undertakings, including charging letter (Public Company Oversight Board [PCAOB]) and Wells notice (Securities & Exchange Commission [SEC]) responses
  • Assistance in accounting, audit, and independence communications with the PCAOB, SEC, or other regulators
  • Independent, balanced, and unbiased perspective of accounting, audit, and independence issues and risks
  • Preparation for and participation in interviews, depositions, and testimony of relevant parties
  • Presentation of results and interfacing with government regulatory authorities, including PCAOB and SEC, among others