Geopolitical Intelligence

Geopolitical Forecasting and Scenario Development

If boardrooms had crystal balls, they could easily see around corners and over the horizon to predict the future and know how to place their bets. Chief executive officers and other decision-makers, however, have to rely on those who have spent their lives at the intersection of business and politics and who have decades of experience identifying trends and patterns, and forecasting world events. To that end, our geopolitical experts are adept at examining fluid geopolitical landscapes to expose risks, forecast opportunities, and provide early warning of events and issues that might adversely affect operations or provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

Our solutions include:

Scenario Development
Our professionals perform deep dives of cross-border political dynamics, regional and global relationships, government policies and programs, and regulatory regimes to develop potential scenarios that model alternative futures and the impacts of geopolitical events on your business, supply chains, investments, or assets.

Economic and Political Forecasts of Patterns, Trends, and Cycles
Our professionals leverage a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques and data analysis tools to develop accurate political and economic forecasts that undergo innumerable rounds of brainstorming and analysis to deliver sound fact-based hypotheses about what we think is going to happen and how it will shape the world. Our forecasts are the result of multilayered long-term observations and informed analysis that helps firms see into the future and make educated decisions.