Advanced Human Capital™

HR Function Capability

Increasingly, in the contemporary, knowledge economy, the effectiveness of the human resources (HR) function strongly influences the performance of the entire enterprise.

Ankura evaluates corporate HR functions to determine how they can better deliver value-adding services. While each situation is unique, our assessments generally fall into one of two categories:

  • Strategic evaluation, which assesses the overall alignment of HR with the broad competitive strategy of the enterprise
  • Operational Evaluation, which assesses the effectiveness of HR’s structure, talent force, and service offerings

Each evaluation provides a clear set of recommendations for developing, prioritizing, and implementing improvement initiatives. Ankura is also equipped to implement various recommendations. As part of these evaluations, we assess and make recommendations to develop HR architecture, which may include:

  • The hierarchy of organizational statements, including purpose, values, mission, vision, value creation philosophy, and success narrative
  • Goals and strategies, including the priorities and initiatives that reflect how the function will create value
  • Guiding principles, including the shared beliefs about how the group will work together and carry out its mission
  • Services and delivery, including the services and service delivery channels that deliver value to enterprise unit and sub-units
  • Processes and practices, including the key processes and practices required for delivering services and achieving goals
  • Structure, including the organizational framework necessary to carry out work, divide labor, and foster productive relationships
  • Roles and capabilities, including the role definitions that include accountabilities, competencies, and interactions
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs), including the metrics that bring persistent focus on impact and value creation.
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