Advanced Human Capital™

HR Strategy Redesign

The strategic redesign of the human resources (HR) function should begin from the outside in; it should be at least as concerned about the outcomes of the function’s activities as about the activities themselves. Strategically repositioning HR should begin with a clear understanding of the business context because the setting in which the function operates offers the rationale for the strategic repositioning it will do. Basic supply-demand logic asserts that if supply is high for any given product or service but demand is zero, then its value is zero. If what HR does on the inside does not create value on the outside, in the capacity of the company to attract, serve, and retain customers and investors, its value is zero.

Ankura’s HR Business Strategy Redesign process applies a zero-based approach to the HR function. Inputs to the redesign process include the business strategy, Human Equity Valuation™ results, organizational culture, and core capabilities analysis. The result of the process is a value-based reimagining of the HR delivery system, including an unambiguous definition of the preferred future and a detailed roadmap to get there.

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