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HR Talent Search and Selection

Ankura’s HR Talent Search & Selection service is an innovative approach that draws upon our three decades of expertise, our network of seasoned, executive human resources (HR) talent, and our collaboration with selected executive recruitment boutique firms specializing in the placement of C-level HR executives.

Ankura’s approach was developed to improve the lackluster results of traditional search and selection processes by fortifying it on the front-end, in the middle, and through the conclusion of the transition.

Autopsies on hundreds of failed executive HR transitions point to two root causes: (1) misalignment among hiring stakeholders on the characteristics and competencies that define the job, and (2) inadequate management of the initial introduction and socialization of the newly-seated HR executive from the perspective of organizational culture.

Ankura offers a proprietary methodology that aligns the hiring stakeholders on the characteristics that define the “ideal” candidate and gives every member of the hiring team a clear voice in the evaluation process, thereby producing higher quality candidates.

After the HR executive has accepted an offer, Ankura continues the transition process by developing a First 100-Day Transition Plan that includes a series of one-to-one transition coaching sessions with the newly-seated executive.

The alignment method described above, dramatically accelerates the search, selection, and acclimation process, by harmonizing the hiring team around the competencies, capabilities, and characteristics that will distinguish the best HR executive candidate; and the process by which the candidate will be selected and socialized into the company. And, perhaps more importantly, it has improved the 18-month “stick rate” of transitioning HR executives from just over 55% to 78%.

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