Incident Response

When a data security incident occurs whether it is a cyberattack, insider threat, or data breach Ankura professionals have the in-depth experience to remediate the issue and inform critical decision-making for stakeholders. Our multidisciplinary team includes cybercrime investigators, information security executives, cyber threat analysts, digital forensic specialists, crisis managers, technology analysts, and governance leaders. We bring significant technical experience and proven track records in assessing the risk of information exposure, mitigating the impact of the incident so the client can recover quickly, and providing improvements in information security policy and practice.

Our solutions include:

Cyberattack Mitigation and Remediation
Ankura consultants have vast experience responding to cyberattacks in both US government service and the private sector. When responding to cyberattacks, Ankura will follow legally defensible best practices to analyze the attack vector, identify exfiltration/impact, contain vulnerable systems, and ultimately eradicate the threat.

Breach Impact Assessment
For victim companies that have been breached, Ankura can analyze evidence associated with the cyber incident, the affected systems, and the data exposed as a result of the incident and determine the subsequent impact to the victim.

Managed Incident Response
Ankura uses cutting-edge information security technology that can be very nimbly deployed across our clients’ infrastructure, which provides almost immediate visibility into indicators of compromise, as well as end-user attribution. The technology used focuses on endpoint threat detection, user behavior analytics, and network log aggregation and analysis.