Monitoring & Independent Oversight

Independent Claims Review

Mass claims processing is often implemented following government enforcement and class action and mass tort settlements or judgments that require an organization to distribute monetary and other benefits to a large population of eligible individuals. Under certain circumstances, a third-party neutral is appointed to oversee the organization’s implementation of the claims process to ensure that it administered in accord with the terms of the settlement agreement, including verification of the accuracy of claimant payments and benefits.

Ankura and its professionals have provided independent claims review services in connection with some of the most high-profile mass tort and consumer class action settlements in recent history, involving hundreds of thousands of claimants. Ankura leverages MDLOnline, a proprietary claims processing technology system, a wealth of subject-matter experts in claims processing technology, operations, and data analytics, as well as former regulators and prosecutors who understand the need for effective compliance oversight. This includes ensuring process integrity through review of policies, procedures, and technology systems; verifying the accuracy of eligibility and award determinations for claimants; and providing thorough and concise reporting informed by extensive and detailed data analytics in order to keep all interested parties informed of an organization’s progress and challenges.

Ankura’s subject-matter experts, technological systems, and data analytics allow for comprehensive examination of a mass claims processing operations:

  • Claimant notification plan
  • Claims processing policies, procedures, and workflows
  • Technology systems
  • Customer service operation
  • Eligibility logic
  • Organizational structure
  • Training regiment
  • Valuation methodology
  • Data analytics
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Terrence S. Brody
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