Analytics & Data Strategy

IT Assessment, Controls, and Due Diligence

The backbone of many organizations’ businesses is built on information technology (IT). The ability to review or analyze the data assets that reside within the system(s) is a cornerstone for creating future services, insights, profitability, and success. Thus, the need to leverage external expertise to determine the operational effectiveness of the IT infrastructure, architecture, and organization is critical in establishing the appropriateness of a private equity investment or preparation for an information systems compliance audit by third parties.

Ankura’s analytics & data optimization professionals leverage a deep understanding of IT systems and controls with compliance, operational, and financial subject-matter expertise to investigate and evaluate, through the correct lens, the IT effectiveness of a company of any size. The value to our clients is a leading, vetted, and detailed approach that evaluates how strong the IT backbone and data assets are for any given company.

We assist our clients by providing expertise relating to:

  • Interviews of IT, information security, and other critical business stakeholders
  • Identification of key systems, client relationship management software, and data sources
  • Mapping of relevant system architecture, infrastructure, and data processing algorithms
  • Review and assessment of data security and privacy, retention, and system control policies
  • Maturity assessment and gap reporting of all aspects of an organization’s IT and operations