Labor Strategy

Labor Strategy Workshop

The Ankura Labor Strategy Workshop is a half-day interactive meeting that uncovers hidden costs relating to operations and labor strategy. It is an abbreviated master class in labor management. Our strategic consulting group will review your current practices and share real options to rapidly capture cost savings. Your management team will leave with new insights and real examples of solutions such as flexible scheduling, low-cost labor practices, and inventory and customer service optimization. The three key areas covered during the session include best practices, cost savings identification, and implementation strategy.

We cover a wide range of strategies during the workshop. Although each workshop is both industry- and client-dependent, typical areas include:

  • High overtime
  • High level of unplanned absences
  • Inability to staff efficiently for seasonal, monthly, weekly, or daily demand
  • No full time/part time/temporary employee strategy
  • Uneven skills across shifts
  • Idle labor time (overall or pockets)
  • Difficulty in recruiting and retaining good employees – turnover
  • Outdated human resources policies
  • Past changes not achieving long-term results
  • Consolidation or blending opportunities
  • Not maximizing current capital
  • Poor forecasting tools
  • Not meeting productivity potential/goals
  • Continued/increasing health and safety problems
  • Hourly employees having morale issues
  • Us vs. them employee/management mindset
  • Problems communicating with evening and night shifts
  • Inefficient vacation, lunch, or break staffing
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