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Buyers and investors interested in purchasing a government contractor or grantee (or a portion of their assets) need to understand and be familiar with the range of unique issues, requirements, and associated business processes and systems necessary for the performance of their acquisition target’s government contracts and grants. Without this familiarity, buyers and investors cannot be certain about the potential liabilities and operational viability of their target. From special considerations about a target’s size status, contract certifications, accounting, and invoicing to issues related to the sufficiency of contracting policies, processes, and systems and ability to integrate and continue the performance of the contracts and grants post-acquisition, buyers of government contractors, grantees, and their assets must be vigilant in their assessment and review of the litany of specific government contract and grant issues.

Similarly, sellers of government contractors and grantees need to diligently review their compliance with government-specific requirements and address any gap areas that could cause a buyer to walk away from a deal. Sellers also need to collect and disclose large quantities of compiled data in a timely fashion. And for all parties, integration planning must be initiated and managed proactively – all without harming speed of business, alienating customers, or creating uncertainty among personnel and other stakeholders.

Ankura enables successful acquisitions of government contractors and grantees by making the due diligence and integration phases more effective and efficient for both buyers and sellers. We help buyers understand all facets of a target’s business operations for comprehensive operational viability and valuation purposes and synergistic integration management. Our teams also assist sellers in addressing compliance gap areas and timely preparing for, and responding to, due diligence requests. In particular, Ankura provides:

  • Contractor and grantee due diligence support and analyses
  • Target business operations assessments
  • Post-acquisition business viability assessments, including consideration of target size status, facility clearances, and foreign ownership or control issues
  • Integration planning, management, and implementation
  • Contract and agreement novation and assignment support
  • Cost savings and process improvement analyses and implementations
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Michael Garson
Senior Managing Director