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Busy executives often lack the time to spend hours monitoring an emerging crisis, or weeks tracking the development of a trade deal or the progress of critical legislation that could affect their business prospects. Our team leverages cutting-edge data analytics to comb through thousands of data points every day, parsing out the most relevant and critical information for your business. These analysts effectively monitor global events amid today’s increasing political and economic uncertainty, data overload, and abundance of competing analysis to deliver contextual, anticipatory analysis that identifies and clarifies the commercial implications of political events. Simply put, Ankura separates the signal from the noise to help our clients understand the risks and opportunities inherent in elections, policies, regulations, ideas, conflicts, and demographics.

Our solutions include:

Geopolitical Event Navigator
The Ankura geopolitical team produces insightful analysis of political developments as they unfold. This analysis helps put these events into context as they pertain to other regions, events, and activities around the world. The navigator helps our clients see how ongoing events are connected in an increasingly globalized business world, and provides continuity and clarity to make better-informed business decisions today and far into the future.

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Michelle DiGruttolo
Michelle DiGruttolo
Senior Managing Director