Monitoring & Independent Oversight


In recent years, courts, government agencies, and self-regulatory organizations increasingly have turned to private sector professionals for specialized assistance with sustained independent oversight and impartial reporting on organizations’ performance pursuant to imposed compliance and reform mandates. Often, these monitorships are mandated under settlement agreements, deferred or non-prosecution agreements, and other agency or court-ordered resolutions in a broad range of administrative, civil, bankruptcy, and criminal matters.

At Ankura, we believe that objectivity, fairness, efficiency, and candor are the pillars upon which a successful monitorship is built. We combine strong investigative capabilities, sophisticated technology tools, and subject-matter expertise across a wide range of disciplines that include compliance and ethics, forensic accounting, economics, statistics, data analytics, and cybersecurity, among others. Our team also includes former regulators and prosecutors who understand the objectives of government, as well as former executives and in-house counsel who have successfully built and operated compliance programs in highly regulated industries. We approach each monitorship with the goals of evaluating and ensuring proper implementation of compliance requirements, facilitating accountability and transparency by thorough and concise reporting, and operating as fair and impartial brokers between organizations and regulators.

Ankura is uniquely suited to handle a wide range of monitorships, including those that require expertise in:

  • Anti-money laundering compliance
  • Anti-trust
  • Banking regulations
  • Construction
  • Consumer protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data governance
  • Ethics
  • Financial disclosures
  • Foreign corrupt practice act
  • Government contracting and grant programs
  • Healthcare
  • Import/export controls
  • Information security
  • Mass claims administration oversight
  • National security
  • Privacy
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