Network, Web, and Mobile Application Security

An application development and procurement process that does not include a rigorous security element is an unacceptable risk to organizations. It exposes companies to predictable, unnecessary, and avoidable security exposures and misaligns the organization with all widely-accepted cybersecurity frameworks, regulations, standards, and best practices. Never should an application move from the development environment — or the procurement process — to the production environment until it is subjected to a security review. Software may have the features, functionality, and performance attributes demanded by users, or may be “fit for purpose,” but that may not include effective security. Ankura security experts help developers ensure that their network, web, mobile, and retail and e-commerce applications are developed, tested, and launched securely. We help clients design and install a software development life cycle (SDLC) approach that elevates security to a critical path activity in software development and procurement, as a key element of their cybersecurity policy and process management.

Services include:

  • Security-by-design policy and process development
  • Effective (SDLC), procurement process and effectiveness assessment
  • Secure software development strategy and training
  • Network, web, and mobile application security testing
  • Software development compliance with regulations and best practices
  • System and source code scanning and review
  • Penetration tests and ethical hacking
  • Remediation oversight and validation
  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Document exfiltration testing
  • Industrial control systems security specifications and procurement
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